Tournament rules

The rules of the game will be set up according to the number of teams committed in the different categories and it will be communicated to the delegations' persons in charge after the closure of registrations.


4 tournaments are proposed :

U11 male or mixed : children born in 2004 and 2005
U11 female : children born in 2004 and 2005
U13 male : children born in 2002 and 2003
U13 female : children born in 2002 and 2003


Just to mention, the encounters will be a four player team game for the U11 and a 5 player team game for the U13.


Pay attention, please : only 10 teams can register for each tournament.


The basketball department committee of the Pyrenees Orientales , which organizes the event, would not be held responsible for any thefts or accidents occured during the tournament, either concerning any member of the delegation, or any licensed-holder or guide ; whether it be on the tournament ground, the place of accomodation or even on the way from the tournament ground to the accomodation.


All the participants must subscribe an insurance.





Each delegation will be asked a 200€ deposit when registering, which will be returned at departure, after prize-giving and after the « Mar I Sol » holiday Inn owner's checking of the bungalows. All the bungalow must be clean and undamaged.


Any futher expenses for cleaning or damages will be imputed to the delegation concerned and the deposit won't be restored.





A delegation is composed of maximum 12 players and max 2 adults. A person in charge of the delagation will be assigned by each club and will registered on the registration form.


The teams are asked to be on time and must be on the playground at least a quarter of an hour before the beginning of the match.


In order to make the ceremony as friendly as possible, all the delegation are asked to attend the prize-giving ceremony at the end of the tournament.




In case of a person withdrawing , the total sum put in by or for this person will be refunded

if the organizers are told before April 12 ; between April 12 and (included) March 10 ,a fee  of 20€ / a person / a night will be deducted from the amount to be paid back ; after May 10 no refund.



In case of a listed team cancelling participation, if notification is given before April 12, a

total refund of sums paid will be made ;

if a team withdraws between April 12, 2015 and (included) May 10, 2015 ,entry costs (30€

per team) remain the property of  P.O. COMITE DEPARTEMENTAL DE BASKETBALL, and the

amount of 20€ / a person / a night will be deducted from paid–money refund.

After May 10, 2015, no more refunds will be made.



Specific regulations

Specific regulations will be set up depending on the number of teams competing in the different age-groups and forwarded to the people in charge of groups after the closing date for enrolment.

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